Xcellerated & Killahurtz Presents NYE 2017

Xcellerated & Killahurtz Presents NYE 2017

Original Sin, A-Sides, Cause 4 Concern, Flaco, Rawtee, DJ Construct, Joey Mojo, Jahwy, Seebass, MC Questionmark, General Jah Mikey, MC J-TEC, Slim

Sat · December 31, 2016

8:00 pm

Union Nightclub - Noise Room

$20.00 - $60.00

This event is 21 and over

Xcellerated is a brand of music entertainment dedicated to Drum & Bass in Los Angeles.
New drum and bass night in Los Angeles
Original Sin
One of the best producers in the Drum & Bass scene with countless awards under his belt!
Drum & Bass Awards:
Best Breakthrough DJ
Best Breakthrough Producer
Best Track - Therapy
Best Producer - Original Sin

Also Original Sin has been hailed as "The King of Jump Up"
DJ, Producer and Engineer, Jason Cambridge (aka A Sides) has been producing music since 1990 and has released well over 500 tracks to date across many of the scene’s biggest labels.

With tracks released on labels such as Metalheadz, Valve, True Playaz, Bingo, Innerground, Violence, Hardleaders, Allsorts, Grid, Reinforced, Advanced, Strictly Underground, Advanced, Just Another Label, Reel 2 Reel, Liq-weed Ganja, Clear Skyz, Spearhead, Human Elements, and Hospital to name but a few, A Sides has a discography of truly epic proportions.

A Sides established his own label Eastside Records in 1996 and has since put out over 85 releases, including two compilation albums (Eastside Jamz Volumes 1 & 2) as well as the A Sides 3 solo albums 'Follow The Groove' 'Worldwide' and "Mysterious Vibes'

A highly accomplished engineer as well as an artist in his own right, A Sides has collaborated with the likes of Calibre, Makoto, Jenna G, Break, Deeizm, Peshay, Digital, MC Kemo, KJ Sawka, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Dj Randall, Goldie, DJ Marky and Nathan Haines (under the guise of Sci-Clone)

A Sides long-standing partnership with MC Fats has borne some of his biggest tracks to date, including the massive hit "What U Don’t Know" which featured on A Sides’ debut long-player in 2003. To catch the pair performing live is to hear drum & bass at it’s finest, with the deep soul sound of MC Fats bringing the perfect compliment to A Sides razor sharp beats.

A veteran of the scene from the early days, through hardcore to jungle to drum & bass, his influence has been immense. Over the years he’s taken on the role A&R for many labels, including of course his own imprints Fuze and Eastside, and was among the first to recognize and nurture the talent of producers such as Break.

Always moving forward and shaping new styles, in 2008 he established BassHead Music together with Juan BassHead to showcase the finest in bass heavy beats. After a successful debut (feat. 12th Planet and Skream) then following releases from Otto Von Schirach, Noah D feat. Einstein, Datsik, Bassnectar and Zeds Dead & The Killabits. Remixes have also been supplied by high profile artists such as Serum, Break and DJ Sneak. With a diverse music policy Basshead encompasses not just Dubstep and Drum & Bass but other bass-heavy beats. Expect more exciting projects over the next 12 months.

A Sides has been keeping himself busy in the studio since completing his last solo album. He is back in the studio again with Nathan Haines working on more Sci-Clone material and has been working on new remix projects. First up he has remixed 'Get Started' by Mark de Clive-Lowe which features Omar & Sheila E which will see release on Tru Thoughts. He has also been working with New Zealand based Pianist Kevin Field remixing 'Need You' which will see release on Warner Brothers in 2012. He also added remix duties to 'Lego' for up and coming EMI artist UK Rap sensation Lady Leshurr.

Over the course of his extensive DJ career A Sides has never limited himself to a single style and has proved to be a highly capable selector across multiple genres spanning from the most upfront Drum & Bass to Old School, Funk, Hip Hop and Soul to name a few. He has a reputation for sets that are tight and technical as well diverse. His career as a DJ has taken him worldwide, Playing in over 200 cities in over 40 different countries and every continent the world has to offer he is truly a Worldwide ambassador for Drum & Bass.
Cause 4 Concern

Cause4Concern have been releasing quality Drum & Bass for the last 15 years and have featured heavily on some of the biggest labels in the scene.

There are not many places left in the world where they haven't been seen djing and their studio production continues to go from strength to strength.

Drum & Bass record label and producers...Their cause is more than just, and odds are you're already a carrier…Either way, it's time to get down with the sickness.
Collecting records in 1999 was the start of a serious obsession with Drum & Bass for me. I grew up in Florida, where electronic music had a very big scene, and began to write my own tunes in 2000. From there, I have been signed to over 20 international labels including Innerground, goodlooking Records & V Records. - See more at: http://www.liquidv.co.uk/artist.htm#flaco
The sounds and samples that I tend to use in my music definitely have a certain style that pertains to my production. I use a lot of R&B vocal samples and house/early techno influenced synths and pads. My goal is to get everyone on the dance floor, keep it interesting and fun enough to make the people stay on their feet. - See more at: http://www.liquidv.co.uk/artist.htm#flaco
Rawtee has released blazing dancefloor productions for label favorites such as Reformed, Fix (withTotal Science), Nemesis (with Dj Silver of North Base), Advisory (with DJ Sappo) and The World of Drum and Bass.

Performing as a DJ since 2003, he cut his teeth at the famous Miami Winter Music Conferences, presenting at various label nights such as, World of Drum and Bass, Metalheadz and the infamous after parties. He has performed alongside the scene's greats and pioneers - Grooverider, DJ SS, Twisted Individual, Bailey, A-sides, Cause 4 Concern, Dieselboy, Dara, AK1200, Capital J, R.A.W, Evol Intent, Infiltrata, Basic Operations, Gridlok and many more.

Pendulum's support of the seminal track, "Inmate 305" began a buzz for the Miamian that lead to one of 2010's biggest releases (A Grooverider favorite). He signed exclusively to Twisted Individual's Grid Recordings imprint in 2011, following up with another smashing anthem, Can't Get Enough backed with the heavily caned Drumstep classic, Throwing stars. A BBC radio one favorite for several years, his dubplates are premiered on the popular UK station by talent such as Grooverider, Bailey, Crissy Criss, & L Double.

A seasoned producer of multiple genres since his teens, dubstep became a part of his diet and his 140 productions have garnered support from the likes of, Benga, North Base, Jakes, Bukezt Finezt, Megalodon, Disonata, DJ SnipaZ, 50 Carrot, Crissy Criss, & D-Jahsta. His recent release as "Toppshelf" was premiered on Benga & Skream's Radio 1 show.

Highlighted on the DJ Circuit since 2001 progressing from tech-step to more dancefloor oriented sounds, Rawtee has come a long way from his Miami roots.
Catching his live sets are a testament to hardcore Drum and Bass with quick mixes, unreleased dubplates and nail biting double drops. Now located in Los Angeles, he has smashed the dance at events such as the long running Respect Thursdays, Timeless, I Love LA & Fresh. His latest releases for 2014 are on Animated Recs, Hangar Recs, Digital Terror Recs.
DJ Construct
DJ Construct
DJ Construct, (Jeremy Fitzgerald) is the creator / founder of Xcellerated and is also the GM at UNION nightclub in Los Angeles. Jeremy is a loving husband, proud father, DJ, Producer, party/event organizer, manager, promoter, developer, and a true West-Coast DnB liaison for connecting people all around the globe, within the Drum & Bass community. DJ Construct is also a dubplate aficionado with the largest collection of dubs in America.

Construct has always been involved in music since his early childhood, always playing instruments and by participating in bands, then once returning to LA in 2000, Construct purchased his first pair of turntables and then decided to get more involved in the music scene. Since then, Construct has been a behind the scenes pioneer in the scene, always pushing for growth in the scene anyway that he can and by creating some killer parties.

Construct is the man who originally created some of LA’s early DnB parties such as History, Champion Soundz, Legendz, as well as some other events. Construct was the first promoter to bring incredible Drum & Bass acts to America for their first time USA debuts such as TC, G Dub (Original Sin & Sub Zero), Distorted Minds, with MC’s such as Foxy & Eksman, as well as dance crews such as the Narni Shakers and also a slew of many other great legends within the scene. More recently with Xcellerated, Construct has brought the USA debuts of: Annix, Bass Brothers, Blackley, Code Red, Decimal Bass, DJ Guv, DJ Limited, Dominator, Hedex, Hybrid Minds, Ivy Lab, Konichi, MC Funsta, Need For Mirrors, Nu Elementz, Turno & Tyke to name a few.

Construct for nearly a decade was manager of the well-known and World Famous “Century Club” until it closed it closed its doors back in 2007. Then shortly after that he went on to run his own club Tatou until deciding to put together a small studio, a new brand "Xcellerated" and to try to take things to the next level with Drum & Bass. Now Construct has a successful monthly called Xcellerated that takes place at UNION in the heart of LA.

With many great friends within the scene, a studio, over 10,000 great organized dnb tunes, and one of the most extensive incredible dubplate collections this side of the globe, Construct has a lot in store for the future of DnB, with an eager role to help raise the bar at one of the hottest & biggest new venues in LA his goal is to help more people discover good Drum & Bass music. Construct plays on 4 decks, can also play Vinyl and DJ's all the different styles that Drum and Bass has to offer from Liquid, Ragga, Jump Up, Deep, Dark, Techy, Hard, Neuro, Classic, or Drum-Step.

Construct Page: https://www.facebook.com/thedjconstruct

Xcellerated Page:


You can download any of my mixes for free on my soundcloud page:

For booking enquiries contact xcellerateddnb@gmail.com
Joey Mojo
Joey Mojo
“A musician since childhood, Joey was trained in piano, guitar, percussion, and cello. As a professional audiophile, he is a live sound engineer during the day and a closet producer at night. Quality, complexity, and cleanliness are words he lives by.
Now with 16 years of DJ experience in most US states and across North America, he is becoming a known force up and down the west coast. Joey has held down residencies with Bay Area DnB crews such as Stamina Sundays, Primitive Science, and Advance Thursdays, as well as underground rave crews Evolution Entertainment and Tri Atom Collective. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Joey is breaking back into his hometown scene and displaying a unique and broad style.”
Born in Argentina, raised in Los Angeles, Seebass has always had a very deep love for music. Stemming from his parents and a long general interest in music starting from a young age. Seebass was introduced to drum and bass through a friend that went by the name of Chemist back in the early 90's. After attending early rave parties in '92 he followed the early morning music craze until he finally purchased some turntables in '97. From here he started collecting drum and bass and playing parties. Since then he has played parties in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and San Francisco. This year Seebass will be posting new productions and free mixes to his facebook page so please check back here to stay up to date with anything he is currently involved in.
MC Questionmark
In April of 1991, the fateful visit to what has now become an institution and one of the starting places of the drum 'n' bass scene was made. Sunday Roast was held one a Sunday afternoon from noon 'til six pm, in time to get you home for Sunday dinner. Question Mark made his first pilgrimage to the event at its original location in Linford Studios. It was here that he first heard the sounds of MCing through veteran MC, Moose. There was an immediate connection to this medium for Question Mark. It was the musical direction he was leaning towards the strongest.
At Sunday Roast was the first time he heard drum 'n' bass heavy hitters, Fabio, Grooverider, Jumping Jack Frost, DJ Ron, among others. The Jungle Fever dances at the Edge Club in Coventry, England were another source for inspiration. Pirate radio stations fueled the new fascination even more. Taping programs from these stations and bringing them back to Los Angeles, Question Mark took the sounds of MC Det, Randall, Kool FM everywhere with him. His friends kept him supplied with fresh music by sending him tapes regularly.
General Jah Mikey
Owner of Jah Sky Muzik Entertainment.
Artist, Electrical Sound Engineer, Producer
MC who works with:
Xcellerated / Timeless / Villains
Venue Information:
Union Nightclub - Noise Room
4067 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90019