Satanic Mass: A Fundraiser for the Satanic Temple Los Angeles Chapter

Das Bunker & The Satanic Temple Present

Satanic Mass: A Fundraiser for the Satanic Temple Los Angeles Chapter

3teeth, Author & Punisher, COVEN OF ASHES, Lumerians

Sat · January 14, 2017

9:00 pm

Union Nightclub - Disco

$15 - $66.60

This event is 18 and over

Satanic Mass: A Fundraiser for the Satanic Temple Los Angeles Chapter
Das Bunker & The Satanic Temple - Los Angeles Chapter presents:

A fundraiser for The Satanic Temple Los Angeles


with live music by: 3teeth

with live music by: Author & Punisher

featuring live music by members of:
ohGr / Cyrus Rex / Sister Calypso


by Paul Koudounaris

by Mister-Sam

Steve Hill

by Rev.John & Gregg Foreman

Author & Punisher
Author & Punisher is a sonic and visual artist venturing into a new league of unwieldy, music and live performances utilizing his custom designed instruments on his albums and dynamic live displays.

After leaving a career as mechanical engineer in Boston to focus on art and sculpture, Tristan Shone, the creator and sole artist behind Author & Punisher, moved west to pursue his MFA in Southern California. In the metal and machine shops of University of California, San Diego, Shone forged a relationship with design, sound and fabrication that ultimately yielded A&P's first music and mapped the journey away from traditional instrumentation towards custom made, precision machinery that he calls Drone Machines, Dub Machines and now his series of Masks.

Shone used his technical knowledge, along with his artistic background to create what Wired Magazine has hailed as his own "special brand of doom metal." As experimental as he is at times, with the high fidelity drone so thick and pulsating it lays a sonic lead blanket waving over your core, it lingers only as long as it needs, regrouping or intensifying with pounding live rhythms and vocals. The sound builds up anxiously but always rewards with a hint of hope in the form of epic sonic phrases leaving you feeling exhausted but satisfied.

All aspects of the A&P sound begin with physical movement, limbs struggling in unison to coordinate a wall of electronic rhythm and oscillation, ultimately conditioned by an organic and loose quality absent of sequencing and plastic perfection. Author & Punisher performances are a real amalgamation between man and mechanisms. They are direct, physical, heavy experiences that have amassed praise and intrigue from a wide array of audiences. Pitchfork styled him "immediate but mysterious," Stereogum described his "chilling, unrecognizable form," and NPR hails him as "a thrill [who] fires on all cylinders."

The custom devices that drive A&P begin mostly as big chunks of aluminum and steel that are worked into all manners of wheels, throttles, pedals, and masks to manipulate sound live. Shone's electromechanical arsenal and physical approach to live production become to heavy music what Survival Research Laboratories was to live, unscripted performance art.

Author & Punisher's new album, Melk En Honning, was produced by Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual, and label head for A&P's new label, Housecore Records) who said, "Tristan Shone is the epitome of what Housecore Records stands for and look for in musical expression: absolute originality and innovation. There is no pigeonholing this man's art."

With Melk En Honning, Shone has incorporated various drone machinery together, multiple physical rhythm machines, some synth and the new electromechanical masks that began to appear in A&P performances across the U.S. and Europe in 2014. After a year of heavy touring and festival appearances, the goal with this album is to capture the live dissonant power of the A&P experience. The combination of Anselmo's persistence, expertise and Shone's new experimentation with various vocal devices, led to a vocal-prominent, bass heavy album that combines A&P's signature elusive drone sequences and hard hitting rhythms with unexpected terrains of melody and musicality that sustain Shone's reputation as an unorthodox innovator in a class all of his own.
Between the vast expanses and disparate extremes of space lies "The High Frontier:" a term coined by Gerard K O'Neil in his illustrated 1976 book depicting human colonization of space. In their new thusly titled LP, Lumerians send terrified primates into space in search of wonders both marvelous and harrowing. In a starship powered by gamma-ray-mutated rock, beer-goggled cartographers chart the absurd scales of outer space from subatomic to trans-galactic and the unfathomable void of inner space unbound by physical laws. Inward perception, both fluid and delicate, births, destroys, multiplies and collides temporal realities. Hacking through gnarled carnivorous plants with pyrokinetic machetes, Lumerians thrust forward with Krautrock inspired exploration, Afrobeat's ritualistic rhythms, post-punk guitar noise and cracked-glacé synth lines culled from perverse 1970's sci-fi soundtracks. As a followup to 2011's "Transmalinnia," "The High Frontier" sets scope outward, points blind-folded at a star map and sets off full blast without making course corrections.

Since forming in 2006, Oakland's Lumerians have gained notoriety for their intense performances, stunning live visuals and thematic otherworldly releases. Recording from their self-built studio/brewery in a converted store-front church, Lumerians acknowledge the role sound and rhythm have always played in transcendent and ecstatic rituals the world over, from the repetitious drums of tribal animists to the penetrating electronic pulses of neon dance clubs.
Venue Information:
Union Nightclub - Disco
4067 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90019