Perpetual Dawn / Intersessions - Planned Parenthood Benefit Party

Perpetual Dawn / Intersessions - Planned Parenthood Benefit Party

Secret Guest Headliner, Tropic Of Cancer, Nite Jewel, Heliokonia, Habibiboi, Alex Pasternak, Kid606, Josh Peace, Dahlia, High Functioning Flesh, Maria Minerva, Zøraya, $3.33, Pete Swanson (DJ Set), Tahl K, Lauren Bousfield, Sanfuentes, Eric Parren, Glitzer, Mspennylane, Sha Sha Kimbo, Aura T-09, Angel Seo (Xiu Xiu), Yala, Alex Pelly (Dublab), Cloaking

Fri · April 21, 2017

8:00 pm

Union Nightclub

$5 before 9pm, $10 before 10pm, $15 before 11pm, $20 after

This event is 21 and over

Tropic Of Cancer
Tropic Of Cancer
Los Angeles-based Tropic Of Cancer is the solo project of Camella Lobo. Though her music has been labeled gothic, shoegaze and drone pop, Lobo’s take on her influences is anything but nostalgic. Tropic Of Cancer has managed to imbue its own elusive gaze and craft a strangely beautiful and intoxicating sound in the wake of its predecessors.

Formerly a duo with minimal techno artist Silent Servant (Juan Mendez), Tropic Of Cancer has been stoking a slow-burning cult following since its first EP (The Dull Age) on Berlin-based label, Downwards in 2009. The Sorrow of Two Blooms, an EP released on London imprint Blackest Ever Black, catapulted Tropic Of Cancer into the underground spotlight. Since then, Lobo has released a handful of celebrated EPs on Italy’s Mannequin Records and Antwerp-based Sleeperhold Publications. Her first full-length album, Restless Idylls, was released in 2013 on Blackest Ever Black.
Stop Suffering is the the first collection of recordings from Lobo since Restless Idylls. It was simultaneously released with a BEB reissue of TOC's early Downwards material titled, Archive: The Downwards Singles (2007-2010).

Tropic of Cancer spent 2016 playing shows in the US and abroad and will complete two tours in Europe, Australia and China in 2017. Lobo is currently working on her sophomore album.
Nite Jewel
Nite Jewel
Two songs into her new record, Nite Jewel asks the operative question: was that a sign? The Los Angeles native has spent much of the past four years mulling that over. Her 2012 album, One Second of Love, captivated listeners for its willingness to play in the fringes of pop; elements of dance and electronic music were warped and bent into something that was equal parts foreign and instinctual. It served as the culmination of an aesthetic that the singer, born Ramona Gonzalez, had been cultivating since the last Bush years, and it was inescapable if you frequented the right crevices of California. But when it came time to follow it up, Gonzalez realized the world was pointing her in a new direction.

This story has been told before. Nite Jewel churned out demos for years, with her record label questioning whether she could go "pop" or not. The influence proved toxic. She realized she needed to separate from them; she had worked independently with success in the past and could do it again. She needed to remind herself why she was making music in the first place. And by the top of last year, she made that happen.

Last January, the pieces started falling into place. "I put all my gear—including my 8 track—in a walk-in closet," Gonzalez says. " I was free from the authority of a label and was back in my element. I felt like I had found my identity again." She was independent, free from authority, and able to regain creative control.

The end result is Liquid Cool, a fascinating collection of nine songs produced and performed entirely by Nite Jewel. The record explores the theme of aloneness in a crowded and disconnected world. On "Over the Weekend," Gonzalez aims for a kind of skeletal, kinetic intrigue that unspools into an of-the-moment rallying cry; "Boo Hoo" provides a danceable groove underscoring a tearful refrain; "Kiss the Screen" sounds like the best date you had in high school if it had taken place on Mars. "I felt like I was trying to talk to my audience, but couldn't be heard," she says. "There were barriers like money and bureaucracy." Liquid Cool examines that lack of connection, and does so in intoxicating fashion.

Liquid Cool is due out June 10th via Gloriette Records, Nite Jewel's own imprint on which she released her debut. Free from the constraints of corporate backing, the new album is poised to cut through the din of 2016 and move listeners in incisive and deeply personal ways. Music is usually an act of world building, creating a new plane on which an artist can exist; Liquid Cool is about stripping away the pieces of our own lives until we can really see one another again.

"For her first album in four years, Los Angeles artist and producer Ramona Gonzalez pared down her sound to its bedroom-disco essence. Drawing on the vibe of contemporary R&B, vintage synth pop and underground beat music, her new album, "Liquid Cool," brims with anthemic hooks but offers them with a relaxed ambivalence. With textures that suggest "Dirty Mind"-era Prince, the concise three- and four-minute tracks vibe like never-were AM radio hits. It was written and performed by Gonzalez in her home's walk-in closet; as a result, "Liquid Cool" is missing the commercial sheen that propels could-be hits onto the mainstream charts. In its stead, though, is something more vital: a singular artistic vision." - Los Angeles Times "Essential Summer Music Guide" review of "Liquid Cool"

"Combining both lush, elaborate pop and darker, deconstructed electro, Gonzalez adeptly owns her sound throughout her long-awaited return." - Consequence Of Sound

"Over 9-tracks, she expands on the ethereal sound she has put forward on past releases, providing a dose of chilliness before the heat of summer." - The Fader
KID606 is dedicated to bringing his uniquely reckless fucked up and beautiful music to our fucked up and beautiful world. Insipired by the best of electronica, punk, jungle, hiphop, bass, dancehall and techno, Kid606 Fuses it all together with a love of pop culture that Andy Warhol would approve of. Apart from running the labels Tigerbeat6, Shockout, and Tigerbass, Kid606 has performed all around the world many times over, and released records on highly regarded labels such as Ipecac, Wichita, Mille Plateaux, Fatcat, Souljazz, and Carpark. His highly original productions helped spearhead and define the edgy and confrontational glitch and mashup styles that are now common in modern music production. His album "Down with the scene" (2000) was a landmark release for the burgeoning international electronic music scene, with everything from hardcore ragga jungle and serene ambient to abstract IDM and the dubby soul classic "Secrets 4 Sale" with Mike Patton. Things only got more exciting as Kid606 delved deep into the seedy overworld of mainstream music with critically acclaimed unofficial remixes that many people wanted to hear yet no one else was willing to make. All the while releasing his own original and diverse productions as well as official remixes for Amon Tobin, the Rapture, the Locust, Foetus, Depeche Mode, The Bug, Peaches, Dälek, Ellen Allien, Saul Williams, Super Furry Animals, and countless others.

His new album "Shout at the Döner" drops late April, and is easily his most accomplished record to date, it combines all the brash and exciting plunderphonic and sampledelic elements he is best known for with a whole new world of uncharacteristically musical and danceable hooks and styles which are both fresh and timeless. 606 draws on some of his biggest electronic influences like LFO, AFX, Mike Ink, Green Velvet, Mouse on Mars, the Prodigy, Daft Punk, Shizuo, Mr. Oizo and Giorgio Moroder, to make bold and powerful songs about the decline of America, leaving California, broken hearts,drunken hook-ups, social phobias, soulless partying, economic downfall, gnarly basslines, ego worship, moving to berlin, diva vocals, baltimore club, obsessive compulsive disorder, the best parts of horror movies, acidhouse, ADHD, shameless irony, speed garage, megalomania, LSD, satanism and the ever prevalent Döner Kebab, arguably europe's best late night cuisine to consume on the way home from from the club, (Especially if you had to much to drink!).

We think this release is the Kid's first successful stab at what we like to call "schizotronics" actually combining elements of many different Dance music styles into new songs without pretension,trying to hard to fit into any trendy genre, or losing the joy and energy of the driving beats and basslines that make music so fun in the first place. Maybe it's intelligent dance music for people who thought they didnt like intelligent dance music, Maybe it's unintelligent vacant technopunk trash, but you will definitely want to listen to it more then once to find out for yourself!
Josh Peace
Josh Peace
Resident DJ of:

Mustache Mondays - La Cita - Downtown LA
Evita - Tuesdays @ Blok - Hollywood

Can also be heard at:

Summertramp - Last Sunday of each month during Summer - Downtown LA
Secret Service - Thursdays @ Revolver Video Bar - West Hollywood
Evolution - Fridays @ Metropolitan - West Hollywood
Ex-Rated Fridays - Executive Suite - Long Beach
Rasputin - Saturdays @ Robertson - West Hollywood
Size - Sundays @ Here Lounge - West Hollywood
Various nights at Faultline Bar - Silverlake
Masterfully blending sinister dub-techno grooves with organic, percussion-heavy deep house and general low-slung funk, Dahlia delivers sets that reflect kindly on her early Latin jazz, dub and classic house upbringing. Consistently finding new ways to interpret, re-invent and advance these sounds in unique and subtle ways, her blends develop into compositions of their own.
High Functioning Flesh
HFF is an Electro-punk act from Los Angeles, USA, in the vein of bands like Portion Control and Cabaret Voltaire, as executed by electronic body mutants Greg Vand and Susan Subtract. Their unique hard beating electronics are heavily infused with body horror and seeks to revive us from our spectacle-induced coma. Unlike the swarm of revival, retro, and oldschool bands out there hoping to capture your nostalgia or naivety, HFF is looking to pump your bodies and refresh your mind from the tired beat.
Maria Minerva
Maria Minerva
born in the bedroom out of boredom, desperation and loneliness, maria minerva is maria juur (b.1988) from tallinn, estonia, currently based in london, uk.
Zøraya is a Los Angeles based DJ, art director and visual artist. Originally from San Francisco and Detroit, she has been involved in electronic music for nearly 2 decades and has been DJing underground dance parties for the last 10 years. Recent projects include work with; Dublab, Tigerbeat6 Records, WOAH, Xlr8r Magazine, Futra, RUN, Restless Nites, Midnight Lovers, Dialogue, Perpetual Dawn and the Dolab. Her sound and artistic vision reflect the utopian, future thinking of the 90's Detroit techno scene, and themes of minimalism, escapism and science fiction can be seen and heard in her work.
Tahl K
Tahl K
White Male DJ
Sha Sha Kimbo
Sha Sha Kimbo is an American DJ/ Producer/ Radio & Club Host, residing in Los Angeles, California.

Initially experiencing the boom of Dubstep in 2008, at DMZ's 3nd anniversary party in London, the artist born Nicole Bondurant, became an advocate for the incipient sub-genre. "I was mesmerized by the bass."

Her love for the underground bass movement grew into her passion to contribute a females' perspective on the scene. Mentored by UK Drum and Bass Veteran L Double (BBC 1Xtra, Flex Records), Sha Sha Kimbo has been carving out her own style with her productions and selective DJ sets. You can hear her tunes & sets at festivals and underground clubs worldwide or monthly at her night #CyberSonicLA, in Los Angeles.

Sha Sha Kimbo's #PACIFICBASED Radio Show serves up the underground sounds Saturday's live on UK's Nasty.FM from 10pm-12gmt and on Spain's Bassport.FM quarterly.
Venue Information:
Union Nightclub
4067 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90019