Tom Gun LIVE

Tom Gun LIVE

Sat · September 15, 2018

6:00 pm (event ends at 8:30 pm)

Union Nightclub - Disco


This event is all ages

Tom Gun LIVE
Tom Gun LIVE
Its Tom Cruises party and to celebrate he's invited YOU and his fans to come join him, live on stage, reprising his iconic role as Maverick in the jet-piloting classic Top Gun.
But, he also wants to give the attendees a taste of his other most iconic characters and scenes. Its Tom's way of saying thanks for the years of support. All he asks is that you attend dressed as your favorite Tom Cruise character from any point in his inimitable career.

The only thing is, Tom is coming in on a flight and its running late. Hes certain he is going to make it, but, in the meantime, he needs you - the fans - to help by filling for him until he arrives.

Unlike Point Break LIVE! and Terminator Too: Judgment Play, where one person is chosen from the audience by Applause-o-Meter to helm the leading man role, four, count em: FOUR, Tom Cruise-wannabe fanatics are chosen from the audience to strut the right thespian stuff to honor the living legend Tom Cruise as they read his iconic lines off cue cards.

The additional THREE Tom Cruise fanatics will get their chance to show some well-deserved respect to the legend, live-on-stage that very same evening, in scenes and characters from his vast career - also selected by the audience - as the "commercial breaks" during the evening's performance.

The show stars your favorite cast members of Point Break Live and Terminator Too: Judgment Play. This high-octane ensemble can be seen starring in such films and TV shows as, Stranger Things, Hunger Games, Magnificent Seven, Baskets, Drunk History, Adult Swim, MacGyver, Nashville, Turn, Richard Cormins Death Race 2050, Outcast, Quarry, NCIS just to name a few.

WARNING!! There will be liquids and other "stuff" flying around throughout the show! You will get wet! Things will get messy! So don't wear anything that you absolutely can't get wet. We will be selling ponchos at the door for $2. Guaranteed to be the best $2 you've ever spent so GET ONE! Otherwise, don't say we didn't warn you! We will not be responsible for any clothing or items that get wet or messy.
Venue Information:
Union Nightclub - Disco
4067 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90019